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Nencioni is a brand born from the need to represent the contemporary woman in relation to the now global environment in which she lives.

The approach that the brand presents towards the fashion panorama is strongly introspective: Nencioni does not intend to propose nostalgic references to past years, nor does it try to build imaginary scenarios distant from reality, which do nothing but instill feelings of inadequacy and detachment from reality .

Nencioni anchors himself to contemporary reality and evolves with it, and like an artist who analyzes what the world in which he lives arouses in him to draw the themes of his works, so Nencioni intends to deepen the relationship that women have with themselves in relation to the world that surrounds them, with the precise aim of making them more self-aware, confident, strong and finally able to appreciate themselves as she is.



Nencioni is a company that was born in the heart of Tuscany and is in close contact with the local production realities which are recognized throughout the world as an expression of Made in Italy excellence.

The concept of quality is put first, and it concerns both the care in product development and the attention paid to respecting the working conditions and ethics of the workers, as well as the desire to offer a creative process of true quality, with concepts which are the basis of every collection of real social relevance; aspect that is too often overlooked.

Nencioni therefore intends to offer the quality of the creative, ethic and productive process at any stage.



Sustainability is a necessary process and respect for the environment is one of the cardinal principles of the brand.

Nencioni's goal is to follow a path that leads to create totally sustainable circular fashion.

The goals we have already achieved are:

1. Production of small capsules that allow for capillary and direct control over the quality of the garments, ensuring their safety for both the consumer and the environment. It also allows us to avoid overproduction that would otherwise have to be disposed of, creating damage to the environment.
2. We try to use as many fabrics as possible from deadstock, giving them a second life and avoiding that they end up being burned or that new energy and resources are wasted to produce new ones, going to feed a textile production that is already sufficient in some cases. This implies for the company a more careful and laborious selection process of materials in order to ensure a high level of product quality, but we believe it is highly beneficial for the environment.
3. We keep the research and production chain in Italy, so as to limit emissions caused by travel as much as possible

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